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At Recruit Clever we are passionate about supporting science, innovation and engineering (SET) advancement within UK organisations.


We do this by:


Introducing experienced hires


Experienced hires are key within the SET environment, at Recruit Clever we endeavor to gain an in depth knowledge of our client’s business and their requirements. This coupled with a comprehensive understanding of the candidate’s experience and drivers ensures a right fit. Over many years our consultants have gained:


  • A deep understanding of the SET market place
  • Extensive experience of the niche technology areas within SET.
  • Access to a considerable network of SET candidates, those actively looking for a new career and those of a more passive nature where job hunting is concerned


Helping to manage University relationships including graduate and post graduate recruitment


It is not always possible to dedicate enough time towards building the relationships necessary to attract the right talent into your organisation. Recruit Clever can carry out the legwork required to ensure that when your employees are required to interact with educational establishments they are doing it in the most informed and efficient manner. This process includes the following:


  • One annual flat fee
  • Unlimited graduate recruitment
  • Unlimited post graduate recruitment including PhD and EngD/Deng
  • Employer branding/university interactions including (not an exhaustive list), advertising internships/placements, attending (and paying for) careers fairs on your behalf and informing you of guest lectures and project involvement opportunities
  • Short listing relevant universities and courses

Not an exhaustive list, but here's an idea of what we get up to.


Aerodynamics, Design, Power Electronics, Analogue Electronics, Software, Electrical Machines, Control Systems, Turbo Machinery, Compressors, Systems, Fluid Dynamics, Acoustics, Vibration, Mechanical, PLM, Research, Aerospace, Finite Element, Model Makers, CNC, Robotics, Six Sigma, Process, Validation, Compliance, Reliability, Rotational Machinery, Energy, Lithium Batteries, Renewables, Technology Scouts, Project Managers, CAD, Powertrain, Scientists…